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Divine Invitations – The 7 Spiritual Lessons of Relationships is a testament to the trials and tribulations that God delivered me through as a single-parent, survivor of domestic violence, and entrepreneur. I hold steadfast to my faith and purpose-driven mission to be an encourager to everyone I encounter.


Meet ArDenay 

ArDenay Garner, LMSW, CPC is the founder of The Campaign 42 National Scholarship Foundation. She provides coaching, speaking and consulting services for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. ArDenay resides in Syracuse, NY with her husband and children. 

Spiritual Lessons

Divine Invitations is a heartfelt nonfiction narrative that teaches women how to practice the spiritual principles of forgiveness, passion, unconditional love, honesty, trust, faith, and courage to move through the daily challenges of intimacy. Using touching and inspirational testimony from her life, ArDenay will encourage you to take responsibility for your feelings and LEAD:


Let go of hurtful memories from the past;  

Express compassion for yourself and others;  

Awaken your inner creativity and entrepreneurial spirit; and  

Discover lessons in self-betrayal that are counterproductive to the life you desire.


When you commit to practicing the simple strategies recommended in Divine Invitations, you will find meaning in the messiness of your relationships.



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“I was blown away by her honesty as well as her ability to categorize her personal trials and triumphs in a way that can provide tangible tips for any reader.”

- Christine Lee

 On-Air Host + Travel Journalist

President & CEO of Kimbop TV LLC


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