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I'm ArDenay!

And I believe everyone has a Divine purpose in life and our soul’s mission is to share our gift with the world. My mission is to encourage, educate, and equip all people with personal tools and strategies that empower you to honor your purpose and commit to action.


Over the past 15 years, I have successfully helped over 300 women develop their purpose and create purpose-driven action plans to: 


·      launch a campaign or ministry

·      start a business

·      create a peer support group 

·      change careers

·      reconcile relationships

·      transition from significant life events


I have studied proven success principles and techniques for living a purpose-driven life for nearly two decades. And as a result, I’ve created the Develop Your Purpose Accelerator System™ for high achieving women over 40.


This unique system gives you the permission, a plan, and a process to prioritize your purpose. My assignment is to help you bring your gift to life.


Questions About Working With Me?

Feel free to email me at or click here to learn more about my coaching options.

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My Mission

​I want to encourage, educate and equip all people with personal tools and strategies that enable you to honor your passion and commit to action for personal growth and development.

My Philosophy & Values

  • I acknowledge the inherent greatness in every man, woman and child.

  • I recognize CHOICE as the ultimate tool for personal transformation.

  • I encourage personal and professional development through self-exploratory practicum.

My core values are gratitude, integrity, confidentiality, equality, and accountability

  • I am grateful for each opportunity to serve my clients, constituents and community.

  • I adhere to a strict and enforceable policy of ethical and moral conduct to ensure the integrity of my programs and services and business operations.

  • I value respect and protect my clients’ rights for privacy and confidentiality.

  • I recognize that every human-being is created equal regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, race, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation.

  • I expect clients and stakeholders to hold me accountable to deliver premium professional services according to industry standards, rules and regulations.

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